Getting ready to add new shows for the new year! 

Just wanted to update our page. With the holidays and so much going on, we have been busy with our own families and enjoying this special time of year. We are getting ready to start adding some new dates for this next quarter soon, so watch for emails listing the new dates in the near future!

 We miss seeing our friends but it is nice to have time with our families as well!

 Hope to see you all real soon!

 The Crew of Captain Ron

    Ron, Randy and Ted

Welcome to Captain Ron

We all know how much music can take you back to a certain day, time or place just by hearing the first few bars of a song. The crew of Captain Ron loves to take you back to those days or places we sometimes forget about. Music has a way of reminding us of a feeling or emotion that we may have tucked away in the happy times in our lives.

 Captain Ron chooses to play songs that do just that - take you back to a time and place and make you feel good! We choose not only the obvious songs from the 50's, 60's and early seventies... but songs you just do not hear anyone playing anymore. The ones you hear, and then find yourself humming or singing constantly for the next two days!

We play the songs that you want to hear live again like Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Red Rubber Ball, Sugar and Spice, Teddy Bear and many more...!

That person..., that evening..., the beach..., the party..., the dance..., that night...,
The day you first ______ (you fill in the bank)... what ever you were doing back then, we provide a link to those happy times through the music you may have forgotten to remember.  You have probably not heard most of these songs since you were "back then".

Now you can join Captain Ron for an evening filled with the songs you grew up listening too or discover new songs you may have missed. Good music knows no end and we love sharing it with you!


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